Tips For Planning A Surprise Romantic Getaway

Tips For Planning A Surprise Romantic Getaway

Show the love of your life how important they are to you with these tips for planning a surprise romantic getaway!

Not only is it amazing having a mini holiday when you thought you’d be cleaning the house or mowing the lawn, but knowing that your partner has gone to all that effort to create an experience just for you makes it even more special!

If you haven’t already, we definitely recommend you try it. Here are our top tips for planning your own surprise romantic getaway… make sure you read to the end!

1. If you’re a newbie to this, start small

If planning a whole trip sounds a bit daunting, just start with a surprise date night that has a few elements to it (drinks, dinner, dessert, and a one-night stay) and work your way up.

2. Make the whole getaway a surprise (if possible)

I’m talking about planning the day/s off with their boss, packing their bag (if you dare), organising all the transport and accommodation, and arranging baby/pet/plant-sitting for any dependents. The bigger the effort, the bigger the surprise

3. Make sure you’re going at a time that suits them

Do some undercover research into your partner’s schedule and make sure it’s not Aunt Judy’s birthday that weekend, or that they haven’t planned a spa day with the dog (extra points if they have though, that sounds amazing). If you know that a particular time of the year is busy for them, make sure you pick a date that works around it.

4. Do your browsing/planning/booking in private mode

Researching online is amazing, but be sure to cover your tracks!

5. And while you’re on the stealth bandwagon, have a good friend pay for your getaway and pay them back later

If your partner watches the bank account like a hawk, they would probably notice if funds are missing. This is a quick giveaway that you’re planning something amazing – DON’T fail me here, people!

6. Become a pro at lying… in a good way

Try your best to keep a straight face if you’re questioned by your partner! Practice your poker face, because you’re going to need it a lot in the days before the getaway.

7. Throw them off the scent

Make a few false plans for that weekend so you know your partner can’t book anything else and to keep them preoccupied. If you’re normally busy but suddenly have nothing planned, they might become suspicious.

8. Allow room for splurging

Try to save some extra money for that unexpected splurging as well. Your partner’s spotted something special while you’re (supposedly) window shopping? Surprise them and say “Get it, honey” Buying something frivolous and fun is way more satisfying than an everyday purchase – especially on holiday.

9. Keep them on their toes the whole time

The surprise isn’t just the holiday. Plan some activities – even something as small as researching the best restaurants on the beach. Bonus points for romantic activities

10. Don’t worry if parts of it fail!

Trust us, it really is the thought that counts. Sometimes things don’t go 100% to plan, but try to roll with it as much as possible. Making a big deal out of what is probably a small (or non) fail will ruin the mood. Because let’s be honest, your special someone is happy just to be on holiday and that they scored you as a partner!

We hope these tips will help you to pull off the perfect surprise getaway!

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