Get that holiday experience at home

Holiday Experience

Here is how to get that holiday experience at home AKA a staycation. 

It’s not the same as a holiday with us on the KZN South Coast, but it sure is fun to do while we are still under travel lockdown!   

Got the lockdown blues and missing your holidays? These cool ideas are sure to turn your frown upside down until you get to holiday with us again soon! Let us know which one was your favourite!  

  1. Replace your normal body lotion/moisturiser with suntan lotion or after sun for that sweet coconut holiday scent. 
  2. Turn the heating up to tropical and sit watching telly in your swimwear.
  3. Borrow some sand from a kids playground or building site, mix with water and rub it all over the back of your calves for that “just-got-out-the-sea” look. Spend all day complaining about how you have sand everywhere. Sprinkle some in your bedclothes to keep the feeling alive all day – and all night – long. 
  4. Drink every drink out of a fishbowlpineapple ococonut. At the very least make sure that every beverage is adorned with a cocktail umbrella. 
  5. Blow up an inflatable and try and fit it in your bath. Extra points if you fit one in a shower. If it’s a unicorn or a flamingo, make sure you put it on Instagram with a “witty” caption. Oh and don’t forget to mention us @leisureletting  
  6. Download your favourite holiday song and listen to it on repeat. Loudly.  
  7. Try and fit time in your day for aqua aerobics, tug of war, darts and some party dances. 
  8. Get up at 5 am to put a beach towel on your patio. Give as shout out to your neighbours if they do the same. 
  9. Take a “hotdogs legs” picture and post it on all your social media feeds. Even if you’re in your Christmas pyjamas in front of the telly. 
  10. Crack open a beer at 10 am because “It has to be 12 o’clock somewhere This one’s probably best avoided if you’re in charge of small people. 
  11. Annoy all your friends by phoning/texting/WhatsSpping them to ask what the weather’s like “back home”. 
  12. Wear ridiculous clothes that you normally wouldn’t be seen dead in. Go on, pull out those garishly-coloured harem trousers and team them with a “Son of a Beach” slogan t-shirt. Or float around in a kaftan and a big floppy hat. 
  13. Make sure all your meals are at least three courses. For true hotel buffet authenticity, leave all your food out on the counter for at least three hours before consuming. Getting a couple of people to manhandle every item first adds to the experience. 

What other tips do you have to recreate that holiday experience in your own living room? We hope these fun ideas help you get through your vacation craving!  

We are counting down the days until we can welcome you all back to your favourite holiday destination! 

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