Play In The Sand Day


Every year on the 11th of August we celebrate play in the sand day! Not only is this fun, but it can also be a very relaxing activity to enjoy regardless of your age!

The whisper of wind over your skin as you dig into the fine sand brings back memories for many of us. Maybe it was just as a child playing in a sandbox at the park, or at the beach on a vacation. Either way or in whatever way you remember your experiences with that lovely little grain that you moved by the billions, this day is all about Playing in the Sand!

We could not think of a better way to celebrate this awesome day than by sharing this awesome tutorial with you!

Round up the supplies that the pros use.

  • Good flat-blade shovel
  • Large bucket (about 5 to 8 litres)
  • Bucket with a hole cut into the bottom
  • Metal cooking spatula (about 10 cm long), to make straight-edged walls and smooth surfaces and to carve doors, bridges, and stairs
  • Mechanical pencil, to draw designs, like shingles, bricks, and windows
  • Drinking straw, to blow excess sand from windows, shingles, and bricks
  • Nylon-bristle paintbrush, to soften sharp edges on rocks, stones, and stairs

Start with a solid and wave resistant foundation.

Dig a moat, about 2 meters in diameter, and pile the sand in the centre to create a volcano with a bowl-like depression at its top. Pour a large bucket of water into the hollow and, as the water seeps down, pack the sand well all over. Jump on top of the mound to make it really compressed.

Smart idea: First have a look at our live tide schedule to find out when the tide will be coming in. You may want to position your castle farther away from the water to keep it from being swept away by the waves.

Use the ideal sand-to-water ratio.

Mix up some castle concrete: Fill a large bucket with equal parts sand and water. Always add sand to water, not the other way around. “It should be wet and sloppy, like molten lava,

Form a topple proof tower.

Set a bucket with a hole in the bottom upside down, then fill it with castle concrete. Jiggle and slap the sides of the bucket gently. Vibration makes the sand particles stick together really well, lift away the bucket.

Build additions using sand “pancakes.”

Take a handful of more castle concrete and place it on the foundation, flattening it into a 3 cm pancake. Repeat and stack these as you would bricks.

Make a bridge between towers.

First, form 2 towers about 15 cm apart. Rest one hand between the towers and pour castle concrete on top of your hand. Hold your hand there for about 20 seconds, until the sand sets, then remove. Smooth out the structure of the bridge with a cooking spatula, making sure to keep the bridge about 5 to 7 cm thick. Finally, add sloppy, wet castle concrete to the bottom of the 2 towers to form the staircase ramps that you will carve later.

Shape the castle.

Starting from the top and working your way down, use the spatula to sculpt outpointed roofs and straight-edged walls and to carve doors and staircases. Scoop out windows and draw designs, like shingles and bricks, with a mechanical pencil. You can blow off loose sand with a drinking straw and use a nylon-bristle duster to soften any sharp edges.

So know that we have given you the skill to build the ULTIMATE sandcastle, all you need to do now, is book your next getaway with us! We have the PERFECT beach for you to build your sandcastles!

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